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Said he was with Windows support and that they had detected a problem with my computer! I kept the guy on for over 15 minutes pretending to be 'dumb' as he talked me through going to the application log and looking for warnings and errors. Then after all this I cracked up laughing at him and told him I was a programmer and that he was being had not me. He went ballistic and started hurling insults at much mother etc... I told him to keep going as the more time he spent on the phone with me the less time he had to rip off some person who would believe him. That he was spending his long distance money talking to me and losing his money... Then I laughed at him some more as he swore at me some more and said some nasty things about mom! He really was very uneducated and stupidly wasted his time as I knew it was a scam before I picked up the phone (the area code shown on my call display). So, if this happens to you, keep the loser on the phone as long as you can, pretending to be not very good with computers and make stuff up. This is really frustrating for them, but they won't hang up case they think they can get your money. Don't give out any real info of course, but see how long you can keep the moron on the phone. I had this guy on for 15 minutes and 40 seconds. Let’s make it a contest to see who can waste the most time of these con artists, and the more time of their's that they waste, the less profitable their scam becomes and then they will have no choice but to stop. This is the only way to get them to stop - when they stop making money. I'm sure his manager will probably chewed him out after for wasting so much time and getting nothing for it!
19 Mar 2013

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Informed that they had the wrong number. Now continual calls with them hanging up. Read online that they pretend they are with Microsoft.
30 Jan 2013