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210-249-0540 San antonio, TX, USA

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I had a call from this number to my mobile. I am also British with a British number. It was an automated message with a female voice with English accent asking if I'd been hurt at work in last 3 years. I hung up and blocked the number.
03 Sep 2014

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Had a missed call this morning from this number. Found it very strange as its an American number and I'm in England. Had a strange feeling it could be a hoax, so typed it into google and have found other complaints about this number. Glad I didn't answer!!
16 Jan 2014

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Called in offering free Quickbooks upgrade from datacom (?) company. When he was rejected he called back five times in a row yelling "I want to speak to the owner"! Also called blocked a couple times until we finally stopped answering phone altogether.

Caller: unknown
26 Apr 2013