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877-274-6626 Toll-free, USA

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They first tried to identify me... are you so and so...
it is regarding a business deal
File # xxxxxxx
email address:
14 Dec 2016

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This company has phoned me every day for over a year even after promising multiple times to stop. They are looking for someone (Sabrina Sullivan) - I am male. They hang up on me when I call back.

Caller: Action Collections
30 Nov 2016

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Now they are going overboard... calling my place of employment. They don't even know who I am. Threatening me to pay some debt that is not mine. They need to be shut down.

Caller: collections
27 Sep 2016

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When will they be stopped? Shut down? They were told wrong number and keep calling back.

Caller: ACRM
25 Apr 2016

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These as-----s need to be investigated. They are scammers. Called my son's cell number repeatedly for no apparent reason.

Caller: Acrm
27 Jan 2016

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They're extremely annoying. They just keep phoning, even after you have cooperated with them.

Caller: ACRM
06 May 2015

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They seem to be calling random numbers or not checking the identity and contact information of the person they are dealing with based on the number of incorrect phone numbers they are calling.

Like most people on here, I have never dealt with money mart or wver in my life and have had my current phone number for many many years, with no previous owner. They are clearly breaking the law by not checking the identity of their customers and then harassing innocent people.

Every mistaken call should land them a fine or we should start a class action lawsuit against this company and get compensation for their criminal behavior and our time and suffering.

Any lawyers out there want to squash this company into bankruptcy?

This is the company:
212 – 716 Gordon Baker Road, Toronto, Ontario M2H 3B4
Action Collections & Receivables Management (ACRM ) is the identity given on the robocall.
Toll free to call them: 1-877-503-9633 or 1-800-364-9450
Other contact telephone numbers are: 1-416-503-9633 or 1-416-503-9634 or
1-416-503-7625 or 1-877-274-6626

Website is:
Owner is Paul Esteves email

Caller: 1-877-274-6626
22 Oct 2014

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They are not a legitimate collection agency and running a SCAM. They find your phone number in the phone book and then call you with fictitious debt amount and threaten until you pay. This is a scam

Contact local law enforcement and put the call block. Do not pay a cent.

Caller: acrm
02 May 2014

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Collection agency looking for someone named Sarah. These people need to be shut down!

Caller: Action Collections & Receivables Management.
12 Mar 2013

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Their BBB accreditation was revoked due to the amount of complaints. They are located in Toronto, Ontario and in all my research about this company have not found one favourable comment. It’s a shame about Canadian business stooping to this level. However this is beyond harassment. I have received 4 calls in the past 2 weeks at my business of 10 years looking for a person who doesn't work or has ever worked at my business. My suggestion (should this company be reading this comment) is to do your due diligence... your negligence has already costed you your accreditation and mass disappointment among the general population. Abide by the law for collections and you could actually be successful. Good luck.

Caller: Action collectibles - 1.877.274.6626
24 Jan 2013