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Q: Is it anonimous and secure to report a harassing number?

Reporting a harassing number is anonymous, confidential and secure. Use a nickname if you wish. It creates awareness of possible scam, harassing or annoying robo-callers.

Q: What is E.164 phone numbering format?

E.164 number uniquely identifies a public network termination point and typically consists of three fields, CC (country code), NDC (national destination code), and SN (subscriber number). As an international phone number format it can have up to 15 digits in total.

For example a phone number in USA, California will look like this +14155544000, a number in UK, London will look like +442079834000 and a number in Berlin, Germany can look like this +493090260 etc.

Q: If a caller is blacklisted, are they notified?

No. The caller is not notified since usually it is a computer robot (recording with auto dialer). The phone user is not notified either for that is our goal: Total silence, no ring, no vibration, no disturbance at all.

In short: Scammers should forget that your phone number exists (and hopefully delete it from their database - because we do not send back any response from the phone). And you will forget that scammers exist. That's the goal - clean communications.