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Is reverse phone look up legal?

Yes it is legal. There has been debate over whether a database should be publicly available; however, there are no laws prohibiting reverse phone look up in the United States or Canada.

With the dramatic increase in the use of digital technology within the past few years, the need for increased regulation of data sharing has been recognized. The Electronic Communications Privacy Act, approved by President Reagan, protects consumers by prohibiting government officials from obtaining data from a communications company without a warrant. Also, the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act disallows auto diallers or prerecorded messages to contact any numbers assigned to cell phones or pagers. In 2002, the Federal Communications Commission rejected the wireless industry appeal to develop location privacy laws which would have made it more difficult for the location of a cell phone user to be determined. To put it simply, there is no law in the United States that makes it a crime to provide a database of phone numbers to the public, but the usage of those phone numbers by government officials and businesses is regulated by law.

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