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Why use

You want to get rid of harassing scam and robocalls automatically to eliminate interruptions, anger and inflated bills. That is a problem for all cell phone users.

We created an efficient system to automatically stop harassing phone calls. We achieved zero seconds delay, super quick response time so there is no sound or vibration and no interruptions. No one else offers such efficiency and desired level of comfort. Users report new scam calls instantly from their phones creating large Global user built database. Reported scams are eliminated on all phones using the Reverd app reducing stress and increasing productivity.

Our system provides automatic 24/7 anti-scam protection from harassing scam and robo-calls. It is working in the background protecting your phone regardless of your location either in a city, in the mountains or in a desert. An efficient, intelligent and easy on resources reliable phone scam stopper.

Why am I being called by telemarketers if I am on the Do Not Call List?

The Do Not Call List (DNCL) applies nationally but NOT internationally, it also does not prevent fraudulent telemarketing calls. Criminal organizations do not follow the rules and regulations set by the CRTC. Organizations that you have conducted business with in the past, and, some designated organizations such as charities, political parties and newspapers looking for subscriptions, are authorized under the legislation to contact you.

Why the app shows my database is outdated?

This is to remind you that a new update is coming. For all users subscribed for updates database will be automatically updated on the 25th of each month including all newly reported numbers.

Why the latest reported numbers are not in my "Silent" list?

For all users subscribed for updates database will be automatically updated on the 25th each month.

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