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Q: What if someone report intentionally a good number as scam?

Systems can be abused no matter how intelligent they are.

We have solutions for such situations:

  1. User can whitelist any blacklisted number (in her/his own device) so it will be treated as a normal call.

An example of possible scenario could be:

User #1 block the number of their “Ex” and send a complaint to the server so it will be blocked for everybody.

But for User #2 that “Ex” is actually a nice friendly person, so User #2 moves the phone number from the Blacklist to the Whitelist in her/his own device and now the Ex’s number can call her/him normally. (The Ex’s number remains backlisted and blocked for anyone else though).

  1. Removal request by the complainer (phone number with a single complainer only). Complainer must send us a removal request via our online contact form from the same IP address that the complaint was originally sent (applicable only to a phone number with a single complainer) – as described in our Posting rules page.

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