Reverse phone look up is a way to find name and address by a phone number. Similar to a printed telephone directory (also known as gray pages directory or criss-cross directory) it is a collection of phone numbers and associated details. The difference is that in old printed phone books data is usually sorted alphabetically so that people search by name to find a phone number. Reversed phone lookup works the other way around: you search by a telephone number in order to retrieve the customer details. It is an inverted phone book search.

Reversed phone lookup technology In the early nineties, there were private businesses that offered backward telephone lookups. Then with the dawn of the Internet and its availability to the general public, the online phone lookup services were made available, and now include information on mobile phone owners.

You can find who is behind any phone number that calls your phone. Have you ever wondered who was calling you with no caller ID? Now you can find it quickly. Reverse phone lookup online service is available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

Use and benefits

People use the service for a number of reasons, including: to verify an address, to find out who is calling, to avoid scam and harassing calls, find old friends, or locate a business. Reverse phone lookup services are used by law enforcement, real estate agencies and governments. It is convenient and affordable service delivering instant results.

You can access and use it any time. Database is updated regularly to provide accurate results. Searches are quick and confidential.