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News from Alabama

Southern Bell starts service in Huntsville in 1883 (6th exchange in Alabama) with 34 customers at launch. In 1896 Southern Bell starts long distance service - mayor Hutchens calls NYC. Southern Bell purchased The Atlanta Telephone Company in 1919 thus creating one network for the city of Atlanta. Southern Bell builds and launches new Huntsville offices to accommodate growth in 1960. "837" "882" "852" offices start. The original "Jefferson" exchanges are 532 533 534 536 539. 7 digit calling begins (all party-line phones are gone by this switch-over date too). In 1963 Southern Bell starts direct-dial long distance. 10 digit dialing starts in all of 256 area on 5 June 2010. B.W. Gallagher, President of Alabama Telephone Company decided to make the Alabama Telephone Company the first to implement 9-1-1. The first 9-1-1 call took place in Alabama on 16 February 1968. Alabama Speaker of the House Rankin Fite picked up the phone in Haleyville, Alabama and dialed 9-1-1. Congressman Tom Bevill answered that call in the Haleyville Police Department.

On June 15, 2011, Alabama Governor Robert J. Bentley signed House Bill 389 into law as Act 2011-675 to create the radio/alert notification communications district. The purpose of this legislation was to create a mechanism for the community to transition the CSEPP communications system from the federal grant funding to locally-generated funding, operations and ownership.

Now it is easier than ever for residents of Alabama, to set up and connect their phone service.

Important phone numbers in Alabama
Emergency 911
Department of Public Safety 334-242-4371
Attorney General 334-242-7300

Most harassing phone numbers in AL

205-453-7227, 334-575-3852, 256-755-7718, 205-547-5671, 334-833-1431, 205-820-7969, 251-249-8553, 205-352-2558, 334-203-5240, 205-293-0157