You don't want to waste your time. You want an efficient service you can trust. No nonsense. And you need a service that covers the territory and place you live and work. Our goal is to provide automatic and reliable protection for your phone from reported scam. Instantly.


Stop harassing calls Do you want to stop unsolicited phone calls automatically and efficiently? Reverd free spam call detector app was developed in response to users' requests for automatic, efficient protection from unsolicited phone calls. Not only are they annoying but also dangerous for elderly or sick people. Reverd app eliminates disturbances, annoyance, irritation, anger and frustration. It reduces stress. Frequent updates with new harassing phone numbers from the community reported complaints are provided for better protection.


Speed Everything speeds up nowadays. Our time is the most precious resource and we should spend it wisely. The faster you find the information you are looking for, the better. The use of technology allows you to search our vast database of telephone numbers in a blink. Clean, easy to navigate optimized interface. Do a reverse phone lookup to find name and address of a phone number (USA and Canada only).


Accuracy We have tried many sites available today. Some of them well known to the public, popular and mature. Unfortunately the results they return are not always accurate or even close to the reality. Sometimes they displayed location that is 30 kilometers away from the actual location of the phone number that we knew. Here is a test result from a famous reverse phone lookup website. We looked up a City of Seattle landline phone number. Look carefully at the preliminary data they display. They show the phone number at the top of result page as a landline (which is correct), and further down on the same page they refer to it as a mobile number. That is wrong. Inaccurate and confusing info. You don't want that, do you!

Wrong data example

No nonsense

Nonsense Are you tired from the online nonsense thrown on you every time you try to find information that you need? How many times have you seen false ads claiming they provide free reverse phone lookup? Have you tried some of those "free" services? Everybody likes getting something for free. This is a bait to get you click on their link and visit their website. Worn out trick that still work. You are happy and proud of yourself. You feel smart and glorious. Not for a long. Type the number and... they push you to select a plan. Turns out you have to pay for the information.

The above examples are from sites found on Google claiming to offer free reverse phone lookup.
The result is disappointment and waste of time.
So, please be careful and make your choice wisely.
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