Why use Reverd.com?

You don't want to waste your time. You want accurate results. No nonsense. And you need a service that covers the territory of the phone number and the address you are looking for. Our goal is to provide the information you need, when you need it. Instantly and securely. You get speed, accuracy and instant results, no nonsense... (Read more)

How to verify name and address

Verifying a mailing address is strongly recommended to avoid sending mail to a wrong location and having it returned. Correct names and addresses are a vital cornerstone of any data quality strategy. There are number of ways to verify name and address. A convenient place to look is your local telephone book... (Read more)

How to trace cell phones

It can be disturbing when a phone call comes in with no caller ID. Of course you want to know who the caller is. Fortunately tracing a phone call and getting the name and address of the caller is quite easy nowadays and no special skills or detectives are required. A reverse cellphone lookup is an easy and secure way to find information about the owner of a cell phone number... (Read more)

How to stop unwanted calls

We all know the pain in the neck that is getting a phone call from someone that you not only do not welcome, but that you outright cannot stand. You know in the back of your mind this issue is not going to go away until you proactively do something about it. Can we stop it? Yes, you can. There are techniques you have at your disposal... (Read more)

How to dampen debt collectors

People who are unable to pay their debts have their names and phone numbers turned over to debt collectors. Debt collectors are super aggressive people who are willing to do whatever it takes to collect a debt. They are used by companies in order to collect pasted due debts. Companies may either have their own debt collection departments or they can outsource the work... (Read more)

How to restrain telemarketers

You've got enough of those annoying telemarketing phone calls, haven't you? No matter what time is it, whatever you do they could call you wasting your precious free time. They interrupt your dinner, your reading of an interesting book, your favorite TV show, your work etc. You want to stop it, don't you? The good news is that you can... (Read more)

How to identify harassing prank

We have all been there. We get a phone call that completely startles us. The person on the other end is not only upset, but downright harassing with their attitude and rhetoric. To add to this bizarre and alarming situation we have no clue who it is. Do not take the law into your own hands... (Read more)

How to research a phone bill

Is your phone bill suspiciously high this month? Let's have a look. Make sure you have an itemized bill that lists each number generated a charge. If you do not have a hard copy of your bill, it is usually available online, especially from cellular phone companies. On that itemized phone bill, certain charges may stand out. For example... (Read more)

How to reveal cheating partner

Do you have a reason to believe that someone is cheating on you? It is a widespread problem among couples nowadays according to surveys. Surveys also reveal that approximately 50 percent have cheated at some points in their relationship. Maybe you feel something is going on... (Read more)

How to find an old friend

Life is full of surprises therefore some of our friends may suddenly disappear from our sight. People move, change work, change address etc. At some time we realize that we want to reconnect with our old friends and relatives but the address, if you have it, may not be valid anymore... (Read more)

How to locate a business

Do it the old fashioned way. Look up the name of the business in the phone book. Or go online and do a reverse phone lookup using the phone number you have. A reliable website will return basic information including land type, city and location on the map for that particular phone number in accordance with... (Read more)

How a perilous firearm fanatic was put behind bars

Once upon a time, it was virtually impossible to trace a phone call. This means that harassing calls, or even death threats, would not be able to be traced by law enforcement officials. Nowadays, phone calls are easily traceable, and every year, many arrests are made thanks to call tracing technology... (Read more)

New 236 area code introduced in BC, Canada

In the past couple of decades, the need for cellphones and home phones has exploded, which means that more phone numbers are needed than ever before. This means that once in a while, new area codes have to be used in order to keep up with the growing demand for more numbers and more phone lines... (Read more)

Diamond Parking scam and Wiggins harassing calls

Diamond Parking Ltd. scam is a letter titled "Parking Violation Notice". It is usually mailed to you to the address you used when you purchased your car. It looks like a real document asking you to pay a fine in the range of $100, stating date, time, location, "infraction" and charges... (Read more)

Diamond Parking Final Collection Notice

This is the second follow-up letter you may receive regarding your imaginary Diamond Parking violation send to you about three weeks after the Parking Violation Notice. It looks like a real document and includs text in red "THIS IS OUR FINAL DEMAND... (Read more)

Wiggins Adjustments Collection Notice harassment

This is the third follow-up letter you may receive regarding your fictional Diamond Parking violation send to you about 2 months after the Parking Violation Notice. It looks like a real official document printed on Wiggins Adjustments letterhead and displaying words like INVESTIGATIONS, COLLECTIONS... (Read more)

Diamond Parking Past Due Notice

This is the last of the Diamond Parking letter chain we have seen. One might receive it about two years after the Parking Violation Notice. It is typed on a Diamond Parking letterhead and again looks very official. Copy of such letter... (Read more)

Wiggins Adjustments phone calls harassment

Phone calls from Wiggins Adjustments are annoying and disturbing. Wiggins Adjustments Ltd. is a bill collection agency located in Langley, British Columbia, Canada. They play together with the Diamond Parking violation scam. The Wiggins Adjustments harassing phone calls start shortly after you receive the first parking violation letter... (Read more)

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