How to identify harassing prank phone call

We have all been there. We get a phone call that completely startles us. The person on the other end is not only upset, but downright harassing with their attitude and rhetoric. To add to this bizarre and alarming situation we have no clue who it is either based on their voice or via the phone number on the caller ID. If the phone call is brutal enough in nature it can lead to us feeling concerned for our safety and maybe even the safety of our loved ones. Is there a place we can turn to find out the identity of the culprit? Yes, lucky for us we can use a reverse phone lookup to track down who is calling us.

Harassing prank phone callWhen using a reverse phone lookup service it gives you access to a database of phone numbers all over the country. You can use these databases to identify callers who have called from mysterious landline numbers and cell phone numbers alike. People sometimes only associate reverse phone lookup with some kind of sneaky activity while there is plenty of legitimate reasons you would want to enlist its services. Being harassed and threatened is one of those times where you are totally justified in using it and to be quite honest it is the smart thing to do. A typical reverse phone lookup will reveal the name and address for whoever that phone is listed under. Once you have this information you can then take the next step on your end which may involve calling authorities so they can get to the bottom of the issue.

Do not take the law into your own hands and "track down" the person who is threatening you through the phone. Let the authorities handle that. You have no idea who these people are. Could it be a joke? Sure it could. It could also be someone with malicious intentions though who would not think twice about causing you harm. You have done your part by conducting the reverse phone lookup and now let the authorities do theirs.

There is a small fee associated with conducting a reverse phone lookup if you are trying to find out specifics such as name and address. If your situation is serious enough do not let this small cost deter you from conducting the search. How bad would you feel if something were to happen to one of your loved ones and you could have probably avoided it if you spent a couple bucks? Exactly, you would feel awful. It might be a clichè, but you cannot put a price on safety and peace of mind.

You are being harassed and now it is time for you to push back and regain your safe outlook on life that has been taken from you by this person who is prank calling you. The right to feel safe is one that we cherish and if the reverse phone look up gets you back feeling that way then it is a wonderful use of the tool. Try it. You'll be glad you did.

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