How to verify name and address

Have you ever tried to verify person's name and address? Thus to make sure the information you have on file is current. This is useful for a number of situations including business and personal purposes. Due to the large number of possible misspellings or missing information a post card or a letter could be marked undeliverable. People move, change residences, and businesses relocate. Verifying a mailing address is strongly recommended to avoid sending mail to a wrong location and having it returned.

How to verify name and addressCorrect names and addresses are a vital cornerstone of any data quality strategy. The benefits for organizations include improved customer mailing delivery and relationship. Ensuring that mail and shipments reach their intended recipients keeps customers happy and saves organizations time and money.

There are number of ways to verify name and address. A convenient place to look is your local telephone book or directory assistance. Make sure the name corresponds with the address or telephone number you have available.

The information technology and the Internet make it even easier. Go online and do a reverse phone lookup to verify the owner's name and address of a phone number. This is a very simple and easy process and does not involve any technical knowledge. It is secure and confidential.

However it needs to be remembered that the records on reverse phone look up websites are from the last publicly updated address associated with that number. So, in some circumstances the individual may have moved or registered his or her phone number with a post office box mailing address. So use the information gained carefully, and consider all the alternatives.

There is wealth of information available on the internet. Every day more data is compiled on this vast open network and better uses are being made of it. Reverse phone look up is an example of a great use of modern technology. It helps individuals and businesses connect and communicate with confidence.

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