This document details the installation and use of the Anti-scam Shield RC add-on for RingCentral business phone systems. The Anti-scam Shield RC add-on reduces scam calls, interruptions and anger using constantly updated global database of reported harassing scam phone numbers.

To install the Anti-scam Shield RC add-on, follow the steps below:

  1. Get the add-on. Sign in to your RingCentral admin panel and click “Integrations” at the lower left corner

    Click integrations

  2. Then scroll down the list of Available integrations and select the “Anti-scam Shield RC”
  3. Click on “Get it now” blue button

    Get the add-on now

  4. You will see a confirmation that the Anti-scam Shield RC is installed

    Add-on installed

    Complete your registration with
  5. Confirm RingCentral account

    RingCentral account info

  6. Authorize access to allow RingCentral and Anti-scam shield RC ( to work together

    Access request

  7. Register / open an account with


  8. You will receive a confirmation email with a link (token) to complete your account.
    Once logged in to your Reverd account
  9. Click “services” – you will see Anti-scam shield RC Integration active

    My account services

  10. Select one of the two options of forwarding the reported scam numbers to Reverd
    1. Report new scam directly to - (default)
    2. Report new scam trough your company IT security department

    Scam reporting settings

  11. Done. You are all set up and ready to go.

    Scam (spam) reporting

  12. When an incoming scam call rings you answer the phone, listen to the initial few words, and realize it is a scam. Then push the red button and cancel the call (example below from RingCentral Soft Phone).

  13. Unknown caller

  14. After the call is terminated the following screen will appear on the Ringcentral Soft Phone. At this point dial the 9999 Spam Reporting extension to report the terminated call as spam. Next you wil hear recorded voice message “Thank you for reporting spam call”.

  15. Scam reporting

    That’s it.
    Same procedure applies for scam reporting on hardphones (desk phones). My Account tools

  1. Review reported numbers (if selected)

    Review reported numbers

  2. Whitelist phone numbers so they will not be blocked


  3. History of blocked numbers for the last 30 days

    History of blocked numbers

  4. Generate and download statistics reports

    Usage statistics

  5. View transcations and account balance

    Financial transactions

  6. Add funds to your account

    Add funds

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