This is your guide for the Reverd App running on devices with Android operating system like Google, HTC, Samsung, LG and other smartphones. For Apple iPhone App help click here.


  1. At the top left: Main menu icon, Reverd logo and the current Screen name
  2. At the top right:
    1. Add to blacklist icon to manually block a phone number
    2. Edit icon will display checkmarks for you to select items
    3. List icon to move selected items between lists – white icon moves items to the whitelist and black icon will move items to the blacklist

    For visual distinction the blacklist is displayed on a black background and the whitelist – on a white background.

    Getting started

  3. Go to settings and select your language from the language menu.

  4. More options in settings

  5. Sync with e-mail is an optional but recommended feature that synchronises your app with a free membership account in
  6. Block all calls with no caller ID feature is ON by default. All incoming calls without proper caller identification will be blocked automatically regardless if the number is on the blacklist or not. You could turn it off if you want to receive calls with no caller ID from numbers that are not in the blacklist.
  7. You can block calls from certain area codes or from whole countries by selecting them in settings.

  8. Add a phone number to blacklist manually

  9. Tap the
    add to blacklist icon.
  10. Fill in the form: phone number, country, name or company name of the caller if you know it (optional), your comments and tap the Add button.
  11. Report the number you just blocked to the community blacklist (recommended) and let others know. Once a number is added to the community blacklist it will be blocked on all phones using the Reverd app. If you choose not to report the number to the community, it will still be saved to your blacklist.

  12. Move phone numbers between your lists

  13. Tap the
    edit icon from any list. Checkmarks will appear.
  14. Select phone numbers to be moved
  15. Tap the white
    or black
    list icon to move the number instantly – refer to 2.c.

  16. This is how it works:
    When you move a phone number from the blacklist to the whitelist, calls from this number will be treated and accepted as friendly, normal calls. If for some reason you decide that you want to receive calls from a number in the blacklist just move it to the whitelist or vice versa.

    NOTE: Moving numbers between lists affects only records in your phone. This feature does not change the phone number status in the community blacklist.

    Automatic updates for better protection (recommended)

    Although our free application is fully functional we recommend that you subscribe to our regular updates of the community blacklist. Our updates contain the latest reported harassing phone numbers providing you with better protection against newest spam. Updates are downloaded automatically and seamlessly in the background with no action required from subscribers. (Some restrictions may apply per Google Play)


    Use the built-in feedback form in the Reverd App to tell us your ideas and experience. We'd love to hear from you. Send us feedback directly from your phone.

    Contact us

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Download Reverd App for Android
Download Reverd App for Android

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